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lighting hire manchester

Light has a way to bring life into any room. With the right choice of event lighting, you can give any borderline boring event or gathering a wow factor. We understand the role that design and decorations play when it comes to increasing the success rate of an event, and that is why we aim to offer you the best solution.

Typically, lighting shouldn’t be considered as an afterthought. Rather, it should be integrated into the design of your event to ensure that no single design element seems out of place. The trick lies in working with the right professionals in lighting hire in Manchester.

Why Choose Us?

We Pay Attention to Detail

When looking to host a mind-blowing event or party, the devil lies in the details. We understand that not all parties or events will require similar lighting needs. As such, we aim to offer you a lighting package that fits your needs.

We focus on every aspect of the event, from the pieces that need ambient light to those that need accent lighting to act as the focal point of your event. Need to light up your wedding dance floor? We will be there. Need special effects lights in your party or art exhibition? You can count on us too.

Everything Is Tailored To Your Budget

Budgetary constraints can easily derail the original dream that you had for your event, but they do not have to. While most people cut costs by eliminating lighting from their event’s design, they miss out on the X factor that good lighting brings to your event. This won’t be you if you choose us for lighting hire in Manchester.

We understand that budgetary constraints exist, and that’s why we tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients. Our lighting packages can fit not only small event but also serve major events, all while working within the budgetary boundaries. Furthermore, we champion the use of energy saving energy solutions which lowers the cost of lighting hire in Manchester.

Full Delivery and Setup

The logistics of how to get your hired lights to your selected venue can be daunting at times. Even worse, it is one thing to choose the right lighting package and another to set it up right. Without the right setup, even the best lighting system will fall short of what it can bring into your event.

We always want to take this burden off your shoulders so you can focus on the much more attention-demanding tasks of your event. You will have little worry as we cater to both delivering the lights to your venue and setting them up. We also offer a variety of lighting effects from which you can choose in case you need to tweak your previous choices.

What We Offer

Dance Floor Lighting

The atmosphere that your dance floor oozes out will determine the mood in which your guests can dance. With the right choice of lighting solutions and professionals in lighting hire in Manchester, you can dictate the atmosphere that your dance floor will have. This can include background light or even disco lights.

Additionally, we can also offer you a lighting system that will move or change with the music that will be played within the event. Other than bringing the right energy into your dance floor, this will keep your guests on their feet as they dance to the rhythm. Our services also include smoke machines to create a special effect in case you have dancers dancing on a stage.

Up-lighting and Down-lighting

In case you have an event where most people would be seated or move minimally, then the interior design and décor choices of your venue need to speak for themselves. Both up-lighting and down-lighting will play a major role in achieving this. We pride ourselves with some of the most advanced strategies for matching the theme of your event with the lights that we choose.

Not only will this add some life to your event, but it will also make sure that the guests remain locked into your event throughout the entire period. With these options, you can personalize every space to catch the eyes of your audience. While you can choose to use up-lighting down-lighting alone, a combination of the two might also be effective in achieving the interior design that you yearn for.

Pipe and Drape Lights

Events such as wedding parties and art exhibitions typically need certain parts of the main event to be accentuated. While an art exhibition will need you to use light wisely to bring attention to the main pieces of art, wedding ceremonies will need you to accentuate the table of the bride and groom. All this can be achieved by utilizing our pipe and drape lights.

We typically include such options in our packages to offer you the luxury of pulling all the attention towards one part of the venue. These lights will both complement the other design elements in your room as well as give the place an elegant look.

Special Effects Lighting

Sometimes you just need to let the lights speak for you. Having a joyful event? Let the lights represent this. Special effects might say more about your event than you could ever say by opening your mouth.

We offer special effect lights that can bring out a diversity of effects into your event. This can range from simple butterfly-shape-forming lights to lights that can form a rainbow. The only limit to what you can achieve under these lighting choices is your imagination.

Events That We Cater For

Whenever we are working with a client, we offer them a virtual representation of how the lighting solutions we offer them will look like. We aim to ensure that we get whatever will tickle your fancy before we even start setting up the work. If you wish to change anything, you can easily gauge whether the change would be the right choice. We will typically serve the following events, but are not limited to them:

  • Wedding parties
  • DJ events
  • Art exhibitions
  • Dance parties
  • Corporate events

We aim to light up your world by offering top-notch services in lighting hire in Manchester. The only time we can truly say that we have achieved our goals is when we leave a customer with a smile. Contact us today to enjoy amazing lighting hire services.

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