LED Dance Floor Hire Manchester

LED Dance Floor Hire Manchester

Our company offers led dance floor for hire that suits different occasions such as birthday parties, corporate events, and weddings among others. Our company is one of the leading providers of led dance floors in Manchester and the UK. The company provides the latest floors, which come is different colours. For example, we provide white starlit, black starlit and mixed starlit dance floor panels.

The dance floors we stock varies from the smallest with measurements of 4ft X 6ft to massive ones that measures 40ft X 40ft and can accommodate parties with more than 1700 guests.

Why Choose Our Services

  • We provide illuminated floors that create a wonderful dancing atmosphere that encourages guests to dance the whole night.
  • We offer a variety of colours and patterns that ensure that the party comes to live and give the guests a night they won’t forget.
  • Single led dance floor tiles that can be used to light up the podium are also available.
  • The services we provide ensure that your next illuminated party is successful.
  • The dance floors we provide can be customised to match a specific theme or colour in your party. For example, some of the colours you can opt for include white, black or checkerboards. The available colours will match any colour theme in your party.
  • The dance floors we offer are not available for DIY (do it yourself) because of the weight of the floors and the technical expertise needed to mount them.

The combination of high-quality, glossy finish with numerous star-light glows makes our dance floors perfect for seasoned dancers as well as novice dancers looking for their first magical dance. The illuminated floors can either be laid as rectangles or perfect squares, which mean that the dance floors are suitable for any arrangement and rooms that you may have.

Hire Our Led Dance Floor Company for Versatile Services

Most companies out there provide dance floors for hire, but they provide substandard services. For instance, some of the companies don’t have led dance floors of their own and end up subcontracting companies for equipment. Some of the subcontractors fail to provide the equipment. This will not happen if you hire our company because we have all the necessary equipment and experience in the events hire industry.

Moreover, we have an excellent reputation in providing led dance floor services in Manchester and other towns in the UK. We also provide our clients with additional services such as advice and the necessary help for free. If you are planning to host a spectacular dance event for your treasured guests, contact us for led dance floor services that will ensure that your guests leave with an unforgettable experience.

The illuminated dance floors we provide are spectacular and can also be used in catwalks in fashion events. The speed of the twinkling lights on the dance floors can be customized to make them stay completely dimmed or lit depending on the event and preference.

Our dance floors are environmentally friendly because they consume extremely small energy, which means that you will not have to worry about electricity bills after an event. The lower power consumption also mean that our led dance floors can be used in any venue without glitches.

The quality of the services we provide is guaranteed to convert any plain looking event, be it a dance party or a wedding into a disco with twinkling lights all over the floor. The lights can be controlled wirelessly via a remote, giving you the autonomy to get the look and feel you desire.

Most of the led dance floors, we provide utilizes the SMD LED system that resemble the older standard lights, but looks brighter and better. SMD LED systems produce very bright light while consuming lower power unlike the common LED light tubes.

Our sparkling led dance floors are effective in creating a magical atmosphere for your special event.

We take the safety of our clients seriously, and in this regard, our led dance floors have a special inbuilt locking system that ensures that the pieces don’t detach when in use. Moreover, our floors are designed to handle heavy loads and resist water, and the pieces are made of non-slippery acrylic plastic.

The dance floor is designed in low profile, which means that the guests will not experience difficulty getting on and off the floor. We maintain our dance floors to high standards and this ensures that the dance floors remain sparkly and look spectacular after every use. In addition, we have staff that will help you with the delivery, installation and removal of the dance floors, which means you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our led dance floor services for hire are suitable for events such as:

  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
  • Civil partnership
  • Celebrations
  • Award nights
  • Themed parties
  • Leavers’ parties and proms
  • Presentations
  • Exhibitions and expos

Clients that need custom programmed led dance floor may have to pay an extra charge for tailoring the floor to meet your specific requirements. Our company is the leading provider of illuminated dance floor services in Manchester. We provide some of the largest dance floors in the industry and we are among the most experienced providers.

Unlike other led dance floor providers, we don’t utilize cheap copies or homemade solutions. Our dance floors have a unique design that can hold extra people on the dance floor without compromising security.

Most venues and hotels in Manchester recommend us for our superior services. The services we provide are meant to improve and give a special touch to your special event. You can visit our website to have a look at the types of dance floors we offer and contact us in case you have a question.

They say work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Our led dance floor services will ensure that your guest have all the quality play they need to break the monotony associated with work or events. So, if you have special guests and you want them to have a unique experience they will never forget, contact us for led dance floor services that will not disappoint.

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