Things to Do in Manchester at Night

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Things to Do in Manchester at Night

Manchester is a thriller. You can never get enough of it. Be it by day or night. When the sun sets, it is like it leaves all the life to Manchester. The nightlife here is unmatched and spoils you for choice. Regardless of where you come from, your personality, your social class, age or whatever criteria of grouping, there is mething for everyone. The experience here will make you fall in love with Manchester and come back again so and again.

Night Clubbing

As always, Manchester never disappoints. So no matter what you want to listen to, you will find a place to unwind here. The clubs are world class offering state of the art services and music that will go straight to your heart. You cannot exhaust what Manchester has to offer.

Do you have this event or fashion show that you want to schedule at night? Then don’t look further because Club Liv could be what you are looking for The ambience here is breathtaking. The finish here will leave your guests awed. It is located on Peter Street.

Another club that will make you addicted to Manchester, visitor or not, is Gorilla. Parties here never end. You will get a chance to listen to music mixed by your favourite DJ (or maybe you wanted to learn how to start being a DJ). You can be guaranteed of all night entertainment and sunrise won’t even be noticed.

Tiger is also taking Manchester’s nightclubbing by storm. It is a place you definitely don’t want to miss out The lights here will make your mind play games on you. Different rooms have different types of music. The variety just ensures that everybody finds something. Karaoke nights here are also something you most probably you won’t find elsewhere.

Why not hire a dj in Manchester and have the best music experience in the city.

printworks manchesterTaking a Nice Long Walk

This would especially be awesome if you had a nice company. The energy Manchester holds when the sun goes down is something you can put in words adequately. Maybe a walk by the river would do you just fine, having a heart to heart talk with friends or family as you take in the scenes around you under some nice light. You got nothing to fear. Isn’t burning calories while giving your eyes pleasure a good deal? I would say yes.

A Touch of Art and Culture

Art lovers are not left behind in Manchester nightlife. On Thursdays, the art gallery does not close until 9 pm. Those with love for art and a busy schedule can find a balance between the two since the timing is just fine. Another good thing is that at night, the number of people goes down. Since art lovers have an eye for detail, you can take all the time you want on a single piece of art. Have you tried HOME? It is the perfect definition of perfection. It has films, books and even theatre shows all for you

Endless Music

You probably have heard about the Manchester Arena and Manchester Opera. If you appreciate modern live performances, then Arena is where you need to visit one of these nights. If classics are your thing, then Opera is your must-visit joint at night. You can be sure to be treated to the best music here. No matter where you live, make a point of listening to live music in Manchester and you will instantly fall in love with the city.


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Try Some Cocktail

After a long day at work, some cocktail could help wash the tension. Mixology is an art mastered by a few but its works are enjoyed by many. Manchester could boast having the best mixologists there are When it comes to where you are spoilt for choice. The liquor store is somewhere you cannot miss going.

Cocktails here will make you hate the sunshine. The atmosphere here will also keep your mood in check. The bar also has a crowd full of energy. Mr Cooper’s House and Garden Bar is another joint you got to try at all costs. The ingredients used here are beyond the obvious. The menu here will even challenge your creativity. The list does not end here. You can as well try the Alchemist and many more for a great time.


Who said you can’t play golf at night? They probably were not talking about Manchester. Try junkyard. The lights here will make you think for a moment that you are at a party. Dinner and cocktails will are always ready to make sure you are well taken care of Now get your golfing rivals, treat them to nice food and their favourite sport at night.

Laughter and more Laugh

Some people will tell you that laughter is the secret to a long life. Well if this is true, Manchester promises a long life to everybody. Frog and Bucket is the place in case you are wondering. You will laugh so hard, you’ll forget you got bills to pay. The stand-up comedy here at night is definitely worth your time.

Ping Pong Bars

Get a group of your friends one night, book a table for a night or even just an hour. The fun will be too much you will want to cruise back here. Don’t worry about getting bored, just next door, some music will play. Drinks too will flow at your wish. Twenty Twenty Two still tops the charts when it comes to ping pong. Isn’t a good way of appreciating your friends?

It’s a Sunday

A new week already? Don’t be stressed if the previous one was already exhausting. You can set the mood on Sunday night. Which another good way to jumpstart your week? Whether it’s summer or winter, in Manchester, gloomy weeks are an abomination. You don’t have to lock yourself up and sulk in your bed. Go out, welcome your new week in style. You can also be lucky and come across your favourite gospel choir. Religion and class perfectly fit in the same sentence.

For people who love indoor activities, some fun and music, Manchester is a city that will bring what you love close to your heart, and there’s really no doubt you’d love it .


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