How To Start Being a DJ

How To Start Being a DJ

How To Start Being a DJ

If you’d like to become a DJ then I’ve got good news for you – it’s not rocket science. It does have a certain learning curve but anything worthwhile does and once you’ve acquired certain skills, it’s a piece of cake and a lot of fun.

Begin with the basics

There is no need to invest thousands of pounds in high-end equipment and software if you haven’t got a clue what you’re doing. It’s better to start small and gradually upgrade as you progress. Using your current laptop and some free or demo software just to learn the basics is completely fine. Maybe you will even find out that it’s not for you but then again, don’t give up too quickly. As long as you have some headphones, speakers, a laptop and some software, you’re good to go. Obviously, you’ll need a few songs too. Thanks, captain obvious!

Analog or digital?

The next question you will need to answer is whether you want to go the traditional route and go analog or be more modern and go digital. Personally, I prefer to be digital because it allows you to be more mobile and carry less stuff around which is great if you’re doing gigs in different parts of the city or even country. But then again, both styles can be successful and it’s a personal preference. You will need to make your own decision but if you are a beginner on a budget then going digital will be cheaper.

Here’s a goo

Hang out with other DJs

You probably know that saying by know: you’re the average of the 5 people you hang out with. So if you want to be a DJ then you better make some friends with local DJs or aspiring DJs at least. Again, this isn’t necessary but if you get a few tips from someone with a lot of experience then you can save a ton of time and potentially money as well. They can share years of experience with you that you can implement and learn within a few hours. Obviously some things take time and there is no shortcuts but then again, there’s plenty of things you can pick up faster if a good DJ taught you how to do it instead of you figuring it out on by yourself.

Listen to a lot of music

If you want to be a DJ then I probably won’t have to force you to listen to a lot of music. But then again, it’s better to make it clear that if you want to be at least half decent then you better start listening to a lot of tunes. And if you’ve only got one type of music you like and listen to, then become more open-minded to different genres because that will only boost your DJing skills in the long run. Different crowds have different tastes so you’ll be very limited in terms of your audience if you only do one type of music.

Consider moving to a big city

If you’d like to make a living as a DJ then living in a small town or a village will make it very hard. Moving to a big city will open your doors to a lot of gigs and opportunities to get hired. There are significantly more people looking for a DJ hire in Manchester than for example in Altrincham. Big city usually means big money but also bigger competition. Then again, the nightlife in places like Manchester is so crazy that there’s enough work for many DJs.

Put time and effort into it

Learning how to be a DJ is like learning any other skill. It takes time, effort and dedication if you want to be any good at it. But then again, it’s super rewarding once you get it right. Don’t expect to be good quickly though. Be patient and sooner or later, you’ll realise the progress that you have made. The more time you put into it, the sooner you will reap the rewards.

Watch Youtube tutorials

There is a ton of amazing material on how to get good at DJing on Youtube. And I mean, there is literally unlimited amount of material for free that you can watch over and over again and practice. We live in an era where you can learn so much online and for free that you should definitely be taking advantage of it for your new DJing venture.

Here’s a good video to give you an idea if you are a complete newbie:

It’s one of the videos I recommend to people who ask me for beginner advice and they’re always happy I recommended them that channel.

Keep it simple at the beginning

There is a plethora of skills you could acquire and work on as a DJ. However you want to keep it as simple as possible in your beginning stages. You won’t be able to master all the skills quickly anyway, so you might as well focus on one thing and try to get alright at it. One percent better every day adds up extremely quickly over time so don’t get discouraged if you only make small progress and can’t do many impressive things. Sooner or later, you’ll become really good at one thing and then you can start working on the next one.

Transition smoothly between the songs

If there is one thing that’s super important it’s the skill to transition smoothly between the songs. It should be so smooth that it feels like it’s the same song playing even though it’s a different tune. You don’t want to create any awkward noises when switching the songs or making it super obvious that you just put a different tune on. If you don’t know what to grind on, then picking smooth transitioning and practice it over and over again. It’s really one of the most fundamental skills for a DJ to learn.

If you can’t do that, you’re not really a DJ.

Hopefully you liked this tutorial and it gave you an idea of what it takes to become a DJ. If you have any questions then simply get in touch and I’ll do my best to answer.

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